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Nos balles seront pour nos propres généraux

dimanche 4 février 2024, par anonyme (Date de rédaction antérieure : 4 février 2024).…


Chemm Parvathy - 1er février 2024

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Representing the original version of The Internationale song through dance interpretation in association with Red Books Day 2024. This is an attempt of conceiving a visual, dance narrative for this song of struggles. Composed with slogan-like verses and a simple, layperson’s tune, L’internationale is the anthem of the international working class. Much delighted to dedicate this piece of art to you all.

Theme : Nitheesh Narayanan
Conceived, Choreographed and Performed by :Chemm Parvathy
Directed by :Jay Sankar
Creative Director : M.S. Syammohan
Director of Photography : Sreejith S
Edit & DI : Chandra Kiran Babu
Produced by : Chemm Parvathy
Co-produced by : International Union of Left Publishers,
Udayan Colortrack, Gayathri Udayan, Ajayjishnu Sudheyan, Suman _ _ Chembakassery, Satheesh Kumar
Art : Rishikesh
Art Assosciates : Mohith, Sumesh
Stills : Nidheesh M.S.
Creative crew : Pratyush Chandran,Ajay Jishnu Sudheyan,Sreejith Kanjhilassery
Costumes : Swapna Suku

Location : Chalai, Azhimala, Naruvamoodu

Musique : Marc Ogeret

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