October 12, 2001

« The engine of history,   it is the class struggle. » Karl Marx  




There's nothing such as the noise of guns to cover the whispering of rebels.

          The official thesis, on the recent and massive terrorism that has just hit the USA, is that islamist kamikazes have diverted airlines in order to smash them against the World Trade Center Twin Towers, causing the death of thousands of people, with the aim of exerting pressure on the US State in order to, for example, make it stop its support of Israel against the Palestinians.

          To exert pressure on the US State, this massive terrorism must harm it. Is it really the case ? These crashes of airliners, transformed into suicide-planes, against the WTC have harmed the population who lives in the USA, as it has killed thousands of people. But who is still stupid enough to mistake the population of a country with the state of this country ? In May 68, for example, the population of the Country France rebelled against the French State ! in 1992, the population of the pour districts of all big American cities rebelled against the US State. The State is nothing but the the weapon of the capitalists against the population. The State represents cops and army, the armed gangs of power, who maintain the population under slavery. Of course officially the cops are not meant to bludgeon strikers and demonstrators, kill the passing Arab or Black, but to rescue the widow and the orphan. Of course officially the army is not meant to crush a possible rebellion of the population, as in Los Angeles in 1992 but to protect the population against a military attack from another country. Of course, the capitalists have to lie to us to keep us in slavery.

          Indeed a great renewal of social fight, leading from Seatle to Genova, using revolutionary violence, was threatening to release a general movement of the world population against the masters of the world. So that the capitalists had to fill the streets with still more policemen, and even soldiers, to cope with all possibilities, they had to watch closely all person liable to be dangerous to the power, that is, finally, everybody. They had to clearly increase the police and army budget and give them much more power ; they had to impose new hyper-repressive national and international laws ; they had to incite general denunciation ; in short, with the secret aim of fighting against the powerful rise of international social fight, the capitalists wanted to impose to the entire world a fascist regime of the latino-american type. Nevertheless to do this, without any apparently acceptable official excuse for everybody, would have provoked serious reactions among the population and would have quickened events. Exactly when the capitalists needed such an excuse, islamists offered it by starting a surge of massive terrorim. So, does this terrorism harm the US State, or the population not only of the United States, on which this State imposes its repression ?


          I first heard about islamism in 1978. A great revolution was taking place in Iran, it had already sacked the torturing dictator at the beck of the West, the Shah of Iran. It threatened to extend to the whole world. The capitalists had to stop it. To be victorious of a revolution in the West, the capitalism use the left wing parties and especially the one called "communist", and Trade Unions, especially in Europe, those which are linked to the "Communist" Party. This is put into evidence by the excellent movie by Ken Loach : « Land of freedom ». This is what we noticed in France in May 68 and in many further strikes ; But among moslems this repressive technic doesn't work because no "communist" hierarchy has ever settled. So what can be done ? I think France found the solution : Khomeiny was then living in France. It sent him back to Iran in order to to retrieve the Iranian revolution and divert it towards islamism. This is how, thanks to France, with the complicity of the USA, unless it be the opposite, islamism could govern Iran after having broken down a powerful revolution.

          Then the entire western world, and the USA in particular, thoroughly helped the islamists to "expel Russians" from Afghanistan.

          In Sudan, France supports and finances an islamist power it helps against the armed rebellion of the "christian and animist" fraction of the population. Besides Sudan didn't hesitate in handing over to France this stupid fellow, Carlos (1).

          When in 1988 riots started in the suburbs of Algiers, the army had to kill 500 people in a fortnight to stifle this renewal of the revolution in Algeria. But it resulted insufficient, the revolt was still roaring. This is why the technic used in Iran had to be used again : divert the revolution towards islamism. The G.I.A. is financed and controled by Sudan (that is by France) and the F.I.S. by the USA. In fact the first soldiers of the F.I.S. were Algerians who had volunteered to go and fight among the islamists in Afghanistan, and trained by Americans. And when the Americans required that the F.I.S. stop all armed fight, it obeyed without grumbling.

          The Gulf War can be understood as military help brought by the western states as a whole to an islamic State, that of Koweit, to defend it from the non-religious (lay) Saddam Hussein (who was no saint).

          And who, approximately six years ago, saved the "Bosniacs", that is the islamic power that reigns there ? Chirac himself urging NATO, that is the United-States, to bomb the "Serbs" massively.

          At the end of June 2001, a few weeks ago, NATO, that is the USA, saved the encircled pro-Albanian UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army : KLA) at Aracinovo in Madedonia. Thanks to the intervention of the Americans, the UCK escaped with arms and ammunitions. But, according to an article called "Truth on the UCK" (read the first four lines of the presentation, then the second half of the last paragraph, that speaks of Agim Gashi, dubbed the "Rambo" of Kossovo, linked to the islamo-terrorists of Ousssama Ben Laden) written by the specialist in islamism Alexandre del Valle on the 26th of December 1999, the UCK is closely linked to islamism, especially to Ben Laden ! (and you can read this : http://globalresearch.ca/articles/PAS111A.html)

ANSWER : No, the masters of the West and islamism are no enemies : they are allies. And if islamism has recently used massive terrorism in the USA, it cannot be to harm the US State, but on the opposite to help it crush down the revolts of the population of America and of the World, which is fighting more and more valiantly against the globalization of American imperialism. The masters of the world have financed islamism for a long time, it was high time islamism gave them a counterpart !


          It is not against the whole of islamism that the rulers of America have declared war, but only against Ben Laden and those who would support him. There is already many islamist countries whose States have taken sides, in spite of their populations, in favor of the USA against Ben Laden.

          And furthermore I haven't said that Ben Laden was the one who sacrificed a few men to pay back what islamism owed the US ; it could be any other islamic chief of whom the media haven't even pronounced the name in connexion with recent terrorism.

          Indeed, we are continuously being lied to ! May be Ben Laden and the US State have only pretended having fallen out with one another(2). Furthermore, on this subject, we must notice that we are often told that it was after the Gulf War, nearly ten years ago, that Ben Laden, considering that the American army rabble was lingering on the land of Saudi Arabia, became anti-american, nevertheless it was barely a few weeks ago that the USA saved the UCK linked to Ben Laden ! If this "war" between american imperialism and Ben Laden is really taking place, at least in a first time, it will strengthen both camps and especially it will strengthen Ben Laden's position among all arab and moslem populations. The masters of the USA well know it.



October 12, 2001


NOTE : 1) Carlos, because he was a great supporter of the Palestinian cause, felt secure in Sudan as it was an islamist country ; but, whatever the regime of a country, it is in the service of the one which finances it !

            2) We have seen recently that American imperialism has again helped the UCK, linked to Ben Laden. It should be enough to wonder if this lie which pretends that Ben Laden and the USA are sworn enemies, is true. Nevertheless TV has often mentioned the bombing perpetrated on the 7th of August 1998 against the American embassies in Nairobi (Kenya) and Dar es-salaam (Tanzania). These attacks resulted in 224 dead, including 12 Americans. And more than 4000 wounded, among whom several moslems. These attacks are attributed to Ben Laden, and the aim of the journalists who keep on reminding us, is to show that Ben laden has perpetrated terrorism against America for quite a long time ; They also recall frequently that the reprisals, on the following 20th of August were American bombings on Afghanistan and Sudan. And among the journalists, the most honest ones go even as far as informing us that in Sudan the Americans, or better their heads, bombed an innocent medicine factory. I must add that before being bombed this medicine factory, called « Al Shifa », was producing 50% of the medicine consumed in Sudan !

          But indeed what journalists have never remind us, we wonder why, that is the monicagate scandal. Do remember, Monica Lewinsky, the girl who, after having made love with Clinton, instead of taking her sperm soiled dress to the cleaner, put it away carefully in the freezer to keep intact its lovely sperm stain, in case it came in useful, one day. Well, this poor Clinton was in deep shit, with this story, you remember now ? That scandal was compared to the Watergate, which had induced Nixon to resign on the 9th of August 1974. It was important. Nobody spoke of anything else ! The monicagate scandal reached such a climax that it nearly brought Clinton to resign. And it was exactly at the height of this scandal that the Nairobi and Dar es-Salaam terrorist attacks took place, then the reprisals that followed. Here are some essential dates :

          — July 30th 1998 : Monica Lewinsky gives the blue dress supposed to be soiled by the president's sperm. It will be sent to the FBI for analysis that will later prove the sperm was Clinton's.
          — August 7th 1998 : terrorist attacks against the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es-Salaam.
          — August 17th 1998 :
Clinton for more than four hours bears witness from the White House. He also speaks to the American nation to say he's sorry he has deceived the people and his family.
          — August 20th 1998 : American bombings in Afghanistan and Sudan as reprisals to « punish islamist terrorism ».

          We needn't be very bright to notice, strange coincidence, that these essential events took place at the same time. With a slight lag, the events linked to the islamic terrorism coming just after those of the monigate, to make we forget them in a way. And indeed it is by using these attacks against the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es-Salaam that Clinton, acting as the great man indispensable in the fight against « international terrorism », managed, somewhat, to make people forget about the monicagate scandal that was hitting him full in the face. And if you try to remember that epic time, you will surely remember that in France, the journalists of those days were not afraid of revealing at the best hearing periods, with a wink, as if it were a secret you were not supposed to tell anyone, that this was a queer coincidence, implicating that the monicagate could well have been the cause of the « indispensable reprisal against international terrorism », and that anyhow, these events linked to terrorism and its « reprisals » came in fortunately for Clinton's affair.

          If since the 11th of September 2001, the journalists have often recalled the terrorist attacks in Nairobi and Dar es-Salaam, it aimed at showing clearly that Ben Laden had for quite a long time used blind terrorism against the USA ; but they have queerly, utterly forgotten that those terrorist attacks attributed to Ben Laden against American embassies had done a good turn to president Bill Clinton, as it was thanks to them he had escaped from a pitiful resignation !

          So that , from all points of view, we are allowed to wonder if, contrary to what we are supposed to believe, the masters of America on one side, and Ben Laden on the other, are not the best of friends !

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