3 septembre 2004

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For what actions did Putin enlist the support of the UN Security Council ?

          The blast at a bus stop in Moscow, the crash of two passenger planes, the blast at the Moscow underground station “Rizhskaya”, seizing of several hundred people hostages in one of the schools in Beslan, the night extraordinary session of the UN Security Council and ... What “dot” should follow this avalanche of events ? What consequences should be expected owing to this train of tragedies taking place one after another at such a progressive speed that information agencies even did not have time to analyse them in due time ?

          If we clear away the information smoke, what will become known ? What is known about the people who detonated an explosive at the bus stop on Kashirsky motor road ? Nothing. What is known about the people who seized the passenger planes, and was it a seizure at all ? No one knows. What happened at the underground station “Rizhskaya ? Was it an action of a female self-murderer or was it a car blast ? It is unknown. Who siezed the school in Beslan ? It is not known. Not a single investigation of the above mentioned acts of terrorism has been carried through. No one claims the responsibility for the terrorist acts, except for mythical “Islambuli”. Nevertheless, as it was in 1999, not allowing people to gather senses and take a sober view of things, Russia and the Caucasus are incited to something more terrible than the slaughter lasting almost six years in Chechnya.

          Something that cannot be an object of journalistic investigation is happening in Beslan. Probably, because the events taking place in this North Ossetian city merely cannot stand up to criticism of the Operative headquarters headed by Putin’s closest collaborators Patrushev and Nurgaliyev. On his way to Beslan journalist Andrei Babitsky was arrested at the ridiculous plea of “hooliganism” and “transportation of explosives”. On the board of plane heading for the Caucasus was poisoned without fanfare and then taken to hospital journalist Anna Politkovskaya. Therefore, the Russian authorities in Beslan are trying to hide something, and for the sake of this task they do not disdain to use these open and obvious provocations and crimes.

          Very strange “terrorists” have settled down in the school of Beslan: they, contrary to all expectations, do not need as negotiators the persons known in Russia and Chechnya for their critical attitude to the war. Babirsky and Politkovskaya were making their way for the Caucasus on their own initiative. Khakamada, Nemtsov, Yavlinsky, representatives of human rights and humanitarian organizations have turned out to be not called for. But on the other hand, the FSB general Zyazikov, old Party functioner Dzasokhov and Doctor Roshale awarded for his outstanding contribution to the successfully carried out operation in the seized theatre “Nord-Ost”, where he undertook very “delicate” instructions of Russian special services, were invited to Beslan.

          Any guess-work seems speculative at the given stage when the situation is at the culmination of its development. But one can detect too many oddities in recent developments. Those, who logically should speak, are silent, and those, who should speak, are keeping silence. Even the Russian journalists, whom the Kremlin has thrown a bone in the form of “Chechen terrorism”, cannot hide their confusion. The journalists are diligently nibbling this bone, but from time to time start to look round. But then, as if scared of “blasphemous” ideas, again begin to sing another tune about “Chechen terrorism”. Like five years ago, when apartment houses collapsed one after another burying hundreds of sleeping tenants in the ruins, the “Chechen terrorists” of Russian nationality with the FSB certificates were captured.

          I remember, one literary hero questioned: “Where shall I hide the corpse ?”. And the answer was “Among other corpses”. We are asking: “Where can we hide the crimes ?”. In order to hide the old crimes, new ones should be of larger scale, more spectacular, more bloodcurdling. For these crimes needed Putin and his chekist brothers-in-arms to enlist the support of the UN Security Council, did not they ? Do the leaders of Ossetia, Ingushetia, Dagestan and other North Caucasian repubics have a presentiment of what the Kremlin’s strategists are intending to do with their peoples ? And do the Kremlin’s strategists have a presentiment that the North Caucasus will wring them neck ? The answers to these questions will be given in the near future.

          Alkhazur Erbiyev, for Chechenpress, 3 September 2004

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