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Changing life becomes today a necessity. Destroy the society could be the thing, but what could it be replaced by ? answer some of us. Letís admit that it will be difficult to do worse than what already exists.

The prevailing ideology is the ideology of the dominant class, it's a monster our masters have put in our heads. It rules everything. It forges and maintains the current freakish society. Even I, who look for the bad things in my head or in my behaviors, who shoot up those ideas as soon as I realize them, who sometimes believe to be totally free of them, I went under the same conditioning than anybody else. And some part of the monster stays in me. It would inevitably reappear in any description of an ideal society I should tempt to do. A so ideal world would be inevitably a monster. Even more if I consider it as the best possible world. Because then I maybe should try to impose it to the entire world. Hitler and Staline already commited such a crime. No one would start all that again. However letís note that capitalism is a society that some people describe as ideal. The same people impose it to the entire world.

Well ? Everyone must try to destroy his own conditioning. Everyone must help each other to break his conditioning. Remember Pavlov, who conditioned his dogs by ringing a bell each time he brought them food. After a few days, ringing the bell was sufficient to make them salivate.

One day happened a serious flood in his laboratories and the surviving dogs became un-conditioned. A revolutionary tidal wave will un-condition us more easily than such a flood !

Then, and only then, everyone will be able to imagine his own convenient society. And if we don't own the same idea ? No matter, the earth is wide. Those who want to experiment such way of life will do it somewhere. Those who want to experiment another will meet elsewhere. And so on.. Then, it won't be necessary to wage war. That won't prevent us to travel, definitely or not, from a place to another, from a way of life to another. So anyone will see what is good or bad in some way of life or other. And each place will be able to improve or change this accordingly to those experiments.

All that won't prevent me to write down some precise points I reproach the actual "society".

At least 50% of a product's price finances advertising. Remove advertising, and the needed work will be reduced by half.

A car built 70 years ago wasnít more worn-out after 30 years than a present-day car after 6 years. Why ? Because today one deliberately produces cars which wear out quicker to force customers to buy them 5 times more often. Thatís called "integrated wear". Suppress this integrated wear and the needed work will be again divided by 5.

We divided once by two, then by five, so by ten. And that with easy means ! For the remaining work, not able to be done by machines, we will share it or will join our efforts. This only idea motivates me to change the society and the life.

Will we be bored ? No ! We will dedicate the most part of the time to play, love each other, build happiness !

Letís think about the new 10 francs coin, which costed 1,30 francs at the moment it was manufactured. If we suppress money, itís a more 13% of work that disappears. And the capitalism becomes impossible. But will we be able to do without money ? Yes ! Everything will be free, there wonít be any more exchange, only the gift by pleasure, friendship or love. I saw in Black Africa many villages where money was unuseful, if one person starved to death, everybody starved to death, and if one person could eat, everyone could eat : total solidarity. Are we more stupid or nasty than them ?

What to do to change all that ? Strike ! Yes, letís go on strike in our school, our factory, our private or public firm, and so on. Letís elect our strike committees. Unemployed persons must elect their committees too. Letís organize a total, general and unlimited strike, united in a coordination which will reorganize the whole life. The whole power to General Meetings. Any representative will be mandated and dismissible at every moment by the G.M. who elected him. Autonomy of each fraction of the G.M. (If within a G.M. two actions are planned, no need to vote to know which has to be done and which has to be forbidden Ė by the way this word is freakish Ė Those who want to do the first one will do it, the others will do the second one. That avoids quarrels for nothing and it does two actions instead of one.)


P.S.) The police ? The army ? People who engaged in those corps were either lazy people which then wonít stand against us, or people who believed to protect widow and orphan, defend the population. Letís remind them that widow, orphan and population are us, and that the thieves are the fat boss ! And like during 1789ís revolution, most of them will be by our side. So the revolution will avoid many victims.



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