5 novembre 2004


Preuve que Bush a triché aux élections en 2004 


Note de do :

Pour prouver que G. W. Bush avait triché (grâce aux machines à voter) aux précédentes présidentielles américaines, les Américains ont comparé les différences entre les résultats des sondages sortie des urnes et les résultats des décomptes finaux des votes.

Les sondages sortie des urnes sont très précis, on ne demande pas aux gens pour qui ils voteront peut-être dans quinze jours, on attend les gens à la sortie des urnes et on leur demande pour qui ils ont effectivement voté. C'est pas du tout pareil !

Les Américains ont comparé. Et ils ont trouvé que partout où il y avait des votes papiers, ou des votes par machines à voter mais avec un contrôle papier, les résultats du décompte final étaient conformes d'une façon très correcte avec les sondages sortie des urnes.

Par contre, partout où les Américains ont voté avec des machines à voter sans contrôle papier, les résultats des décomptes finaux étaient radicalement différents de ce que disaient les sondages sortie des urnes. Et toujours dans un sens favorable à G. W. Bush !

Voilà. Cette façon de prouver les choses est absolue.

Pour comprendre, même sans lire l'article ci-dessous qui est malheureusement en anglais, il suffit de bien examiner les shémas en sachant que :

« Paper Ballot » signifie : « Vote papier »

« Electronic voting » signifie « vote par machine à voter »

« Exit poll » signifie : « résultat du sondage sortie des urnes »

« Machine Tally » signifie : « Résultat officiel du vote »

Ce qu'il faut remarquer sur les shémas, c'est que :

1°) Quand il s'agit de vote papier, le résultat officiel est toujours presque identique à la prévision du sondage sortie des urnes.

2°) Quand le vote a été effectué avec des machines à voter, le résultat officiel diffère toujours beaucoup de la prévision du sondage sortie des urnes.

3°) Et surtout, quand le résultat officiel diffère de la prévision du sondage sortie des urnes, c'est toujours en faveur de G.W.BUSH !

Too many voting ’irregularities’ to be coincidence

Right now there is no hard proof, but the circumstantial evidence is a mile high. Looking at all of these ’irregularities’ it’s hard to imagine how one could conclude that this election was clean.

1. There were complaints in several states about the touchscreen voting machines not working properly.

Roberta Harvey, 57, of Clearwater, Fla., said she had tried at least a half dozen times to select Kerry-Edwards when she voted Tuesday at Northwood Presbyterian Church.

After 10 minutes trying to change her selection, the Pinellas County resident said she called a poll worker and got a wet-wipe napkin to clean the touch screen as well as a pencil so she could use its eraser-end instead of her finger. Harvey said it took about 10 attempts to select Kerry before and a summary screen confirmed her intended selection.

The e-voting spokesman called this a glitch, the touchscreen needed to be ’recalibrated’- of course that’s what the review screen is for. I wonder how many voters use these brand new touchscreen voting machines and just assume that when they touch Kerry that’s what the computer registers. Of course a certain percentage of voters won’t bother to closely check the review screen, thus allowing the computer ’glitch’ to vote for them ?

2. Stryguy on the DemocraticUnderground.com found a huge anomaly in Franklin County Ohio. One polling location registered a Bush victory 4258-260. Wow- impressive Bush support eh? Funny how the vote (in this precinct) on all the other races was like 350-250. It seems like 4,000 Bush lovers came to the polls to vote for Bush and nothing else.

In case the DU thread is down- here is the pdf file of elections results from Franklin County.

Check page 23 Gahanna 1B for the unbelievable Bush victory, page 285 prop 1 is the Gay Marriage Ban- which you’d think at least some of the 4,258 rabid Bush voters would have also supported, but amazingly all 4,000 of them forgot.

3. Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is this year’s Katherine Harris. Co-chair of the Bush campaign in Ohio, his blatant partisanship had many calling for his resignation. He bought e-voting machines for Ohio even after Diebold CEO wrote, "I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year." Several experts testify on the vote suppression in Ohio here.

"A poll worker told me this morning that there were no tapes of the results posted on some machines; on other machines the posted count was zero"

4. The amazing ’coincidence’ that exit polls were accurate in non-swing states, but were way off in key states like Ohio and Florida.  I can understand that exit polls may be flawed, but how odd that they’re only flawed in swing states that Bush needed to win... and of course the final results are always skewed towards Bush.. which is exactly what would happen if Bush were losing, then a repub vote thief dialed in to the central tabulators and activated a script that would fix the count. How easy it is to steal an election with modern technology.... no need to haul ballot boxes to the lake- all you need is the secret phone number and the election could be fixed from a home computer. (Election officials ’unknowingly’ gave out the secret phone # in a stack of requested papers)

5. Earl at the DU forum took some http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php... screen shots of CNN’s exit polls and caught them altering their exit polls to match the reported vote. Funny how this ’mistake’ by CNN fits in so nicely with #4.

Graphs split off of this single image

Isn’t it strange that all of these ’anomalies’ in the exit polls and touchscreen machines always seem to favor Bush? There were many similar reports after the 2002 congressional elections, when the Republicans took control of Congress (which the evil cabal needed to prevent a real 911 investigation and to start the war free of consequences).

So if you were a detective and this was the circumstantial evidence... would you conclude that absolutely, positively beyond doubt there was no fraud in this election? Of course not, there’s definitely some funny business going on here.... so why did Mr. ’Help is on the way’ Kerry give up so quickly ?

Greg Palast notes that Kerry was down by 136,000 votes with 247,000 ballots still uncounted. Consider that most of these provisional ballots and undervotes are from minority precincts where Republicans sent their ’vote challengers’. Supposedly they were trying to prevent unregistered voters from voting, but they actually just caused huge delays in poor neighborhoods. People were waiting in line for 5-6 hours, in pouring rain just to vote... I wonder how many left after two or three hours.

I recall Kerry frequently saying that this was the most important election of our lifetime. What happened to make him change his mind and just give up like that ? We _know_ Bush is a liar, and now we’re supposed to just trust Diebold and the Republican henchman Blackwell were honest ? No, they haven’t earned any trust.

Why didn’t Kerry put up a fight ? That in my mind is the most damning evidence proving this was staged election. Why wasn’t Kerry concerned about the Diebold CEO ’committed to delivering’ votes to Bush? Why wasn’t he demanding a fair and transparent election process all year long? Why wasn’t he concerned with the private corporations controlling our voting process ?  Millions of regular Americans knew of the potential for fraud, computer security experts have testified that this system is so open to fraud it’s insane that anyone would even suggest it’s secure, but Kerry and the Democrats never considered demanding a paper trail? What are they, stupid ? Or corrupt ?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get beyond this circumstantial evidence and into some hard proof that this election was rigged ? That what Bev Harris is doing at blackboxvoting.org

she’s filed Freedom of Information Act requests for vote records in over 3,000 counties with more to follow. If you care about our Democracy, the future of our children, and that of children in Iraq and other countries about to be invaded, please go to blackboxvoting.org and get informed, do what you can to pass this info on. We cannot accept another stolen election- either we rise up now or America as we knew it is dead- replaced by 21st century fascism and the most idiotic puppet dictator the world has ever seen. Is that what you want to leave to your children ?

Nov 4, 2004 Dubya : « I’ve earned some political capital... and I intend to use it. »
Lord help us

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